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Trial runs are necessary if you are wanting to know what style of makeup will work best for you on your big day. Will you want glowy skin or a matte finish, a glossy lip or a matte lip, a natural individual lash application or a dramatic strip lash? Most trial runs take anywhere from 1.5-2 hours total. This will give Summer enough time for the makeup application, but also to get to know you! She wants to know all of your details! For example: colors for the wedding, will you be spray tanning, does your dress have any beading on it (you won’t want your makeup clashing with any accents on your dress), do you prefer your bridesmaids to have a certain style of makeup, will your ceremony be indoor or outdoor? Summer will take thorough notes before and after the trial run so that no detail about your makeup will be left out. She will also provide professional makeup lighting as well as a comfortable chair for your trial run.

If you are unsure about traditional foundation vs. airbrush foundation, a trial run is the perfect time to try both out. Summer offers the option of trying one half airbrush, and one half traditional foundation at your trial run so you can see how it wears throughout the day and how it feels on your skin. Summer also highly suggests scheduling your trial run on a day where you can put your makeup to good use! A lot of her brides will schedule their trials on the day of their bridal shower, engagement photos, dress fitting, or even just a date night. Summer will also reach out to you within 48 hours after your trial to see what your thoughts were on the makeup and if you want to make any changes before the big day!

We recommend scheduling your trial run anywhere from 1-3 months before your wedding. This gives you enough time to find inspiration photos of the style you are looking for, and also to figure out any further details that your artist and/or stylist would need to know before the big day.

We can be as accommodating as possible (depending on which artist/stylist you book for your wedding) for your trial run session. If you book with Summer & Co. Bridal for both hair and makeup, we can definitely do both trials on the same day, but we do prefer to not do them at the same appointment time (both artist and stylist working on you at the same time.)This is so your makeup artist and hairstylist can ensure that they achieve your perfect look for your wedding day.

Summer offers her trials out of Amelia Gray Salon in Brownsburg. Our other artists/stylists offer trial runs out of other convenient locations/salon spaces. If this does not work for you, our artists can travel to your location (with possible travel fee depending on mileage).

The travel rate is .75 cents per mile (roundtrip). Parking fees will be added as well if applicable.

Airbrush foundation comes out in a fine mist from an airbrush machine. The machine is attached to an air compressor which gives more control of how much coverage you desire with your foundation. It is a common misconception that airbrush makeup feels “heavier” than traditional foundation. But it is quite the opposite! Most of Summer’s brides rave about how light airbrush foundation feels. Airbrush foundation is long lasting and best for normal to oily skin types.

Traditional foundations can be customizable depending on the brand and formula. Summer carries several different long lasting brands of traditional foundation with her to accommodate all skin types. She finds that her clients with normal-dry skin do best with traditional foundation.

It’s really all dependent on your skin type! That’s what’s so great about having a trial run so Summer can do a thorough skin analysis to see which foundation would work best for you for your big day. Both are extremely long wearing so you won’t need to worry about if your makeup will last all day.

It’s totally understandable to be a little bit nervous about wearing false lashes if you have never worn them before. Summer wants all of her brides to feel comfortable for their big day, so she offers a variety of different temporary lashes. She customizes your lash application based on your eye shape and lash length. If you are someone that wants more of a natural lash, Summer highly recommends individual temporary lashes. These are her favorites to use on her brides! If you are a future Mrs. that loves a bold lash, Summer also offers several different styles of dramatic strip lashes.